Middlebury Police Department Middlebury, Connecticut
Middlebury Police DepartmentMiddlebury, Connecticut


Acting Chief Dabbo of the Middlebury Police Department is urging residents and business owners of Middlebury to register with www.ctalert.gov.  Registration with the Connecticut system will allow emergency service providers the ability to send out alerts to multiple sources, allowing residents to stay informed of crucial events.


The Middlebury Police Department has recently registered with the Everbridge System, a system which was allows registered emergency service providers to provide reverse 911 alerts to specific areas. The advantages of having residents register with the State of Connecticut system is that multiple sources can be entered into the system, allowing registrants to receive notifications via text, phone, and email; registering with the Connecticut system will not only insure that  Middlebury residents will receive the appropriate alerts for their town, but they will additionally receive alerts that are sent out to all Connecticut residents.  This system has proven to be extremely helpful in alerting residents of impending road closures, school lockdowns, public safety concerns, and other  crucial information deemed appropriate by emergency service providers. 


The system has been operational via the departments dispatching provider, Northwest Public safety Dispatch, but recent inquires indicated alerts' were not reaching all of the desired  intended recipients due to a lack of registration by Town residents.  


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